Tarpon Springs Corporate Video Production Services

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Hi, i’m Jim Webb—welcome to the Webb Works Video Production Studio in the area of Tarpon Springs .

I’ve helped hundreds of clients produce powerful video productions.

I’ve been producing videos for over 25 years and still innovating!
I get it — in this day and age we all want instant internet presence and visibility. And a well-edited video production can take you to the top – locating you higher in google search results. A professional video production posted on you- tube or Facebook means real results. More power!!
Your goals plus a Webb Works production video  gains you more attention on websites, youtube, Facebook, Instagram, you name it—




I run a small video production studio here in the Tarpon Springs area , you work with me directly. I give you the same attention I gave to producing, directing and editing the news for tampa bay at the NBC affiliate, you and I create or update your media, profiling : your services, what you make, how you roll!
You have a message.



The Webb Works can guarantee professional video production services to help you : train employees on an internal network, interview a famous family member for posterity, showcase a new product line on your website.

Whether the project is a product launch for your business or the pleasure of a wedding or graduation, come see me at the Webb Works for professional video production services. Your professionally edited video entertains, educates, sells.

That’s a wrap!
It’s all about the focus—a strong focus connects your audience to your message.




Images, moving or static support your message– what you intend to accomplish is of paramount importance. You want to tell your story, and you want others to find you.

Once you enter the Webb Works , understand –now this is important– you have professional video editing technology and a 25- year veteran of the tampa news industry by your side.

Video editing at the Webb Works is both fast and fastidious.

Whether your project is a promotional video for marketing purposes or your desire to capture a significant moment. The video produced with the webb works is packaged for delivery across multiple platforms.




Here’s some real-life examples: you want a video edited to market your legal practice or medical services or showcase real estate you are selling.

You have a first draft of a script, a storyboard or group of images, equipment or a trunk load of 8mm vintage films.

In each of these cases, video productions succeeded for each of these clients.

Here’s how: during pre-production planning, we review existing images and ideas from your photo archives or promotional content.

Whatever your inspiration, we will work together to refine your point of view into a promotional video production, casting your point of view in the best light possible.

Major promotional video productions will require original videography and photography. Multiple camera live action video productions are not a problem.

If that’s not in your budget, we can videotape still images in the video editing process to give your edited video project what I like to call the ken burns effect.

The result is a finished video, edited to your satisfaction.

Once the final video is edited- -your message comes to life.

Video editing stitches together images into the story you want to tell in powerful ways. You gain an audio visual sound track that helps update your social media profile.

It’s fun, it’s focused, you’ll be satisfied by turning your ideas and images into a polished gem— the deliverable to you is a digital video file, thumb drive, cd or into a file sharing site like dropbox.

When you are considering a promotional video marketing campaign, I encourage clients to think of what demand our attention . .

Of words that vividly describe an action, of indelible images. We’ll catch those magical moments and move you and your audience to act.

My satisfied clients have use promotional video marketing for everything from trash compactors to fast food. Introducing promotional video into a website allows you to tell a story but move an audience to action.